Critical Results
Protect Our Planet

By 2025, Rainforest Trust will have protected or be in the process of protecting 125 million acres including seven percent of all currently unprotected high integrity tropical and subtropical forests, permanently locking up 15 billion tons of carbon.

Create large scale protected areas (1 million+ acres) in the world’s last great intact tropical forests: at least five in the Amazon and at least one in each of the Congo, Southern Africa, the Sahel, Northern Myanmar, Borneo and New Guinea​

Save at least 25 million acres of the highest priority forest for carbon storage, carbon sequestration, or avoided emissions, including peat forests and mangroves

Support partners to develop carbon offsets and other payments for ecosystem services in at least three major projects

Provide real time satellite forest monitoring for partners and report annually on deforestation in all reserves ever created with Rainforest Trust assistance, ensuring that at least 90% remain no less than 95% intact

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