Seth MacFarlane Gives $1 Million to Rainforest Trust to Stop Deforestation

Seth MacFarlane has given $1,000,000 to Rainforest Trust to further…

International Women's Day

Ednah Nyambu, Kenya What is a typical day like for you in…

Rainforest Trust Earns Charity Navigator’s Top Rating for Fifth Consecutive Year!

For yet another consecutive year, Rainforest Trust has earned a 4-STAR RATING (out of a possible four stars) from independent nonprofit evaluator Charity Navigator...

Pampas Cat Discovered at Blue-throated Macaw Reserve

Researchers discover Pampas Cat at Barba Azul Nature Reserve in Bolivia...

2012 in Review

In 2012 Rainforest Trust helped save 162,693 acres of threatened habitat for wildlife across six countries and nine sites...

Stunning Photographs Illustrate Ridgely's New Field Guide

Purchase a copy of Dr. Robert Ridgley's newest book, Hummingbirds of Ecuador...

Matsés Communal Reserve Expanded to 2.3 Million Acres

Rainforest Trust helped purchase an additional 148,410 acres of the Matsés Communal Reserve, buffering the Matsés National Reserve

Expansion for the Narupa Reserve in Ecuador

Rainforest Trust helped save 387 acres of Andean cloud forest to expand Narupa Nature Reserve

San Rafael National Park Expanded

Rainforest Trust helped expand protection of the San Rafael Reserve located in southeastern Paraguay

Message from Prof. E.O. Wilson

Rainforest Trust received an endorsement from biologist and conservationist Prof E.O. Wilson

New Research Highlights Importance of Expanding Protected Areas

SUNY University researchers and Rainforest Trust CEO determine the effects of climate change on threatened birds in Colombia

San Rafael National Park- Protection for All Time

From conversation to conservation action: 10 years of work on the ground