Seth MacFarlane Gives $1 Million to Rainforest Trust to Stop Deforestation

Seth MacFarlane has given $1,000,000 to Rainforest Trust to further…

International Women's Day

Ednah Nyambu, Kenya What is a typical day like for you in…

Rainforest Trust CEO Joins Council for Amphibian Protection

On December 17, 2013, Rainforest Trust CEO, Dr. Paul Salaman, joined the Amphibian Survival Alliance’s (ASA) Global Council.

Conservation Success in Bolivia

14,827 acres of savanna and forest habitat doubles the size of the Blue-throated Macaw Reserve to 27,180 acres...

Buenaventura Grows by 600 Acres

Thanks to help from Rainforest Trust, our Ecuadorian partner, Jocotoco, has purchased 600 acres to expand its Buenaventura Reserve.

News Release: Dr. Thomas Lovejoy Joins Board of Directors

Dr. Lovejoy is an internationally renowned conservation biologist and a leader in making the protection of tropical rainforests a public issue...

'Irreplaceable' Areas Identified in New Study

Two of the most critical areas cited share habitat with Rainforest Trust sites...

Colombian Rancher's Wildlife Mission

Luis Ángel Ramírez, a Colombian shopkeeper is the voice of conservation in a wilderness of ranchers and loggers...

Rainforest Trust Awards Mapping Grant

Rainforest Trust's local partner in Brazil will begin mapping surrounding areas to improve...

Successful Start for Borneo Appeal

Rainforest Trust and World Land Trust kick off a new project by raising $1,027,870...

Colombia’s Las Tangaras Reserve Grows

Rainforest Trust has secured the purchase of two properties totaling 3,117 acres...

Expansion of the Serra Bonita Reserve

Two new properties bought containing 237 acres...