Seth MacFarlane Gives $1 Million to Rainforest Trust to Stop Deforestation

Seth MacFarlane has given $1,000,000 to Rainforest Trust to further…

International Women's Day

Ednah Nyambu, Kenya What is a typical day like for you in…

Early Success for Borneo Appeal

Funds collected for our Borneo appeal have already made a critical difference for the island’s Orangutans.

Sierra del Divisor Q + A with Dr. Paul Salaman, Rainforest Trust CEO

Rainforest Trust CEO Paul Salaman discusses the organization's most ambitious conservation project ever - a plan to save 5.9 million Amazonian acres.

Rainforest Trust Announces Largest Conservation Land Purchase in Tropics

Rainforest Trust and partners have successfully purchased more than 270,000 acres of critical wildlife habitat in Ecuador.

Rainforest Trust, Partners Start Leapfrog Amphibian Fund

A bold step in the fight to save amphibians by committing one million dollars to protect key habitats worldwide over the coming year.