Expanding REGUA: A Critical Reserve in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

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The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is one of the world’s most threatened biodiversity hotspots. Originally spanning over 500,000 square miles, less than 10 percent of the forest remains. Rainforest Trust has been supporting Brazilian partner Reserva Ecologica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) for over a decade to purchase and protect this severely threatened rainforest.

By strategically purchasing rainforest acres in Brazil’s Guapiaçu Valley, which is about 40 miles from the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, REGUA has created a secure 22,466-acre reserve that provides critical protection for many of the Atlantic Forest’s most threatened species, such as the Endangered Southern Muriqui. However, as development pressures from Rio expand into the valley, the integrity of the local ecosystem faces mounting challenges.

To combat this threat, Rainforest Trust is helping REGUA purchase seven strategically-placed parcels that combine for 349 acres and establish a protected corridor, linking properties previously acquired by REGUA.

Fast Facts

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

349 acres

Key Species (Based on IUCN Red List)
Southern Muriqui (EN), Brown-backed Parrotlet (EN), Brazilian Snake-necked Turtle (VU), Bare-throated Bellbird (VU), White-necked Hawk (VU), Golden-tailed Parrotlet (VU), Salvadori’s Antwren (VU), White-bearded Antshrike (VU), Russet-winged Spadebill (VU), Black-backed Tanager (VU), Black-legged Dacnis (VU), Buffy-fronted Seedeater (VU), Temminck’s Seedeater (VU)

Lowland rainforest, high elevation montane forest, restored wetlands

Agriculture, urbanization, deforestation

Land purchases to Expand REGUA Reserve

Local Partner
Reserva Ecologica de Guapiaçu (REGUA)

Financial Need

Price per Acre

Total Carbon Storage (Mt CO2):


REGUA safeguards essential habitat for 61 mammal species, including Pumas, Ocelots, Jaguarundis, Three-toed Sloths and one of South America’s largest primates, the Endangered Southern Muriqui.

There are fewer than 1,500 of these threatened primates left in the wild, and the species is expected to have an additional population decline in the coming years if its habitat continues to be fragmented. Additionally, the Vulnerable South American Tapir, which is currently extirpated in the State of Rio de Janeiro, will be reintroduced in the reserve. The South American Tapir is one of the largest mammals on the continent and is known for its importance in seed dispersal. REGUA supports over 470 bird species, 118 of which are endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Thirteen bird species are listed as Endangered or Vulnerable, including the Brown-backed Parrotlet. Endangered Black-fronted Piping-guans will be reintroduced to the reserve in the near future. The reserve also supports 204 dragonfly and damselfly species, 73 amphibian species, 42 reptile species (30 percent of which are endemic) and 97 species of orchids.


Urbanization, agriculture and deforestation all threaten the fragmented remaining Atlantic Forest.

Fueled by development projects related to the World Cup and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, land prices in the Guapiaçu Valley have increased significantly. Proposed development projects threaten to further fragment forests in the valley.


Rainforest Trust’s partner REGUA recognizes that it can only succeed in protecting Atlantic Forest through collaboration with local communities.

With an active education and community outreach program as well as workshop offerings for university students, REGUA has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to involving local citizens in their conservation work. All of REGUA’s forest guards come from the local villages. Some of REGUA’s guards are former hunters and are excellent trackers. These guards play an instrumental role in successfully deterring poachers from REGUA.


Rainforest Trust will work together with REGUA to purchase 349 acres to provide much needed protection for its endemic and endangered species.

These purchases are part of a larger strategic plan to expand the reserve throughout the entire Guapiaçu Valley and reconnect forest fragments, creating essential wildlife corridors.