Strategic Plan
2021 – 2025

Strategic Plan | 2021-2025

Our Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 doubles down on our mission, commits to raising and allocating $200 million, and pledges to contribute to saving half of the world’s threatened birds and mammals and permanently locking up the carbon equivalent of three years’ emissions from the entire United States economy.


Deforestation and habitat loss is the number one cause of extinction and also responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, so protecting tropical forests is critical to stemming biodiversity loss and climate change.


Rainforest Trust was founded in 1988 as the World Parks Endowment to save endangered species by creating new parks and reserves in the tropics, where most of the world’s biodiversity is found.​

SAVES Challenge

Five years ago, with extinctions and climate change accelerating in spite of our efforts, an Anonymous Donor challenged us to multiply our impact by raising and disbursing $100 million to save 50 million acres of critical habitat. We met the challenge.​

This year as countries commit to protecting 30% of their lands and seas by 2030, we chart a course to triple our impact over the next five years and race to save forests, species, and our planet before it is too late.


Half Earth’s lands and waters are protected, providing refuge for wildlife and stabilizing the climate.


Rainforest Trust saves endangered wildlife and protects our planet by creating rainforest reserves through partnerships, community engagement and donor support.


Nature & People • Efficiency • Transparency • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion • Partnerships & Collaboration • Science & Innovation

Save Endangered Species

By 2025, Rainforest Trust will have provided a lasting home for half of all known threatened bird and mammal species on Earth – and a fifth of all known threatened terrestrial and freshwater species.

Protect Our Planet

By 2025, Rainforest Trust will have protected or be in the process of protecting 125 million acres including seven percent of all currently unprotected high-integrity tropical and subtropical forests, permanently locking up 15 billion tons of carbon.​

Engage People in Our Conservation Mission

By 2025, Rainforest Trust will have reached half a billion people with our brand and mission and will have respected, engaged and empowered people in all aspects of our work.​