Establishing a Protected Area for Chimpanzees in South Sudan

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Nearly one acre of forest is lost every second


Together, with generous support from our donors, this project has been protected!

Save Intact Forest in the World’s Newest Country

The Bangangai Forest is the last significant swath of intact lowland forest in South Sudan. Home to globally important populations of some of the world’s most unique mammals, including Chimpanzees (EN), Giant Ground Pangolins (EN), White-bellied Pangolins (EN), African Elephants (VU), Leopards (VU) and Bongos.

Despite the biological value, the region is suffering from illegal poaching and logging, which bring high profit to a country where poverty and food insecurity are prevalent. These harmful activities unsustainably exploit the natural resources that the indigenous Zande communities rely on for their livelihoods.

Rainforest Trust and our partner, Fauna & Flora International (FFI), worked closely to assist the government of South Sudan and local communities to stop habitat destruction and work through current conservation challenges by establishing the 42,255- acre Bangangai Game Reserve to secure this unique site. Header Photo: Endangered Chimpanzee, by NH53/Flickr.

South Sudan



Chimpanzee (EN); Giant Ground Pangolin (EN); White-bellied Pangolin (EN); Leopard (VU); African Elephant (VU); African Golden Cat (VU)

(EN)=Endangered, (VU)=Vulnerable


Fauna & Flora International (FFI)

7,132,236 mT*
*(metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents)

Protect Endangered Wildlife

Although there can be a negative connotation associated with naming a protected area a “game reserve,” South Sudan does not allow hunting in their game reserves, and is dedicated to ensuring protection for the conservation of biodiversity and threatened species.

The Bangangai Game Reserve is an Important Bird Area, containing over 270 bird species, including the Hooded Vulture (CR), White-backed Vulture (CR), Secretarybird (EN), and Tawny Eagle (VU). It is also one of only five sites the Badger Bat can be found. Although not yet assessed by IUCN, it will likely be listed as Endangered due to increasing habitat loss. The new site hosts Yellow-backed and Blue Duikers, Giant Forest Hogs and African Golden Cats.


Help Local Communities Manage Their Land

Generous support of the Conservation Action Fund and the SAVES Challenge made this project possible. Our bottom-up, community-driven approach will ensure the new protected area is created in consultation and with full support of local communities.

The Bangangai Game Reserve will be buffered by the first Community Conserved Area in the country, allowing the Zande people to take ownership of natural resources and engage in sustainable livelihoods, including employment as rangers.

The site will also become part of a long-term vision to create a network of protected areas throughout the landscape by working with local communities to establish more Community Conserved Areas. Photos: (Above) Banagangai Game Reserve; (Below) Vulnerable leopard mom and cub; both courtesy of FFI.


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