Secure Globally Important Shark Corridor in Costa Rica

Project Cost: $472,000

Funding Raised: $472,000

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Nearly one acre of forest is lost every second


Thanks to generous support from our donors, we have successfully reached our fundraising goal for this project!

Rainforest Trust needs your help to create a 4.4 million- acre marine protected area in the threatened waters of Costa Rica. Illegal harvesting and over exploitation by commercial fisheries threaten scores of rich marine biodiversity. Ridge to reef protection will ensure the safety of the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark (CR), Hawksbill Turtle (CR) and the Whale Shark (EN). The new protection will be a critical part of the existing Corcovado National Park, established to protect the wildlife and landscape of the country’s Osa Peninsula. Header Photo: Endangered Whale Shark, by David Garcia.

Costa Rica



Scalloped Hammerhead (CR); Hawksbill Turtle (CR); Whale Shark (EN); Green Turtle (EN); Giant Manta Ray (EN); Fin Whale (VU)

(CR)=Critically Endangered, (EN)=Endangered, (VU)=Vulnerable


Osa Conservation

Create Safe Passage for Marine Wildlife

Rainforest Trust and local partner, Osa Conservation, are teaming up to expand protection by creating a marine protected area that will safeguard vital migratory pathways and birthing grounds for species in the south Pacific. The newly expanded park will bolster protection for endemic species such as Bussing’s Mudbrotula and Eye Spot Jawfish.


Help Local Communities

This project is an exciting addition to Rainforest Trust’s marine conservation work. Protecting this area provides ecotourism opportunities that will benefit Costa Rica’s economy and support local communities. Your gift will also allow our partner to work closely with artisanal fishermen to empower them to protect this coast, not only for the environment, but also to improve their livelihoods.

With this project to expand the Corcovado National Park with a marine protected area, Rainforest Trust and our local partners will encircle the Osa peninsula with protected waters. From the Golfo Dulce around to the Pacific, the magnificent marine biodiversity found here is now safe. Photos: (Above) The Osa Peninsula, by David Garcia; (Below) Sea Turtles, by David Garcia.


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