The Last Stand for the Cherry-throated Tanager

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Nearly one acre of forest is lost every second


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Save the Cherry-throated Tanager from Extinction

With its grey back, black mask and bright red throat, the Critically Endangered Cherry-throated Tanager is one of the world’s most striking and beautiful birds. It is also one of the rarest. Seen only once after its discovery in 1870, the species was believed to be extinct until a small population was rediscovered in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest in 1988.

The Cherry-throated Tanager spends the majority of its life high in the rainforest canopy, searching for bugs among the branches. But rampant agricultural conversion of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest has forced the species to live in highly fragmented habitat that also faces expanding urban encroachment. Conservationists estimate that only 10-20 individual birds remain.

Rainforest Trust and our Brazilian partner, Instituto Marcos Daniel, are working to save the last population of Cherry-throated Tanager from extinction through the creation of a 788-acre protected area of primary forest. This is the last stand for the Cherry-throated Tanager. Header Photo: Cherry-throated Tanager, by Ciro Albano.




Cherry-throated Tanager (CR); Buffy-headed Marmoset (CR); Vinaceous-breasted Amazon (EN); White-bearded Antshrike (VU); Golden-tailed Parrotlet (VU); Brown-backed Parrotlet (VU)

(CR)= Critically Endangered, (EN)=Endangered, (VU)=Vulnerable


Instituto Marcos Daniel

173,947 mT*
*(metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents)

Protect a Bird Paradise

The region is a priority area for bird conservation — your support of this project will benefit five globally threatened bird species, including the Cherry-throated Tanager; the Vinaceous-breasted Amazon (EN), White-bearded Antshrike (VU), Golden-tailed Parrotlet (VU) and Brown-backed Parrotlet (VU).

The site also contains critical habitat for the Buffy-headed Marmoset (CR). Populations of the little-known Brazilian Golden Frog (NT) can also be found in the area.


Be a Part of Our Solution

Protecting the birds of Brazil has been a conservation priority for Rainforest Trust for many years. Once the land is protected, our partner will develop a strategic plan for species conservation, including monitoring and facilitation of the Cherry-throated Tanager populations. In addition, establishing this reserve will open a path to protect the entire hotspot for all species within the region, as well as increase connectivity with reserves nearby. Photos: (Above) Project Site, by Instituto Marcos Daniel; (Below) Buffy-headed Marmoset, by GTW/Shutterstock.


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